Hotel restaurant

The two-storey restaurant of the hotel can accommodate up to 150 guests at a time and about 48 guests in the terrace. Just take a glance through the large windows of the restaurant, and you feel closer to nature, and you can enjoy European and Lithuanian cuisine. There are banquets, a la fourchette, events arranged in the restaurant and catering services provided for the guests, tourist groups as well as participants of the conferences and seminars. The hotel restaurant serves a continental breakfast also for at the hotel residents. Cost of breakfast - 9 EUR.

Hotel restaurant working hours:

I – IV                7.00 - 22.00

V                      7.00 - 22.00 

VI                     7.30 - 22.00

VII                    7.30 - 22.00


Hotel restaurant kitchen working hours:

I-IV                  7.00 – 21.00

V                     7.00 – 22.00

VI                    7.30 – 22.00

VII                   7.30 – 21.00

Download the hotel restaurant's menu: