"Dessert your beauty"

Program sequence

- Infrared sauna (30 min.).
- Relaxing bath (30 min.).
- Full body peeling (20 min.).
- Application of body serum (10 min.).
- Chocolate wrapping (30 min.)
- Massage (30 min.).
- SPA salt room (30 min.).
- Tea.

Program benefits

During one session in infrared sauna you burn as many calories, as running 10 kilometers; therefore, you can successfully lose weight and get rid off the cellulite, if you regularly go to infrared sauna. Under exposure to infrared rays, the pores open and the skin cleanses removing impurities and dead skin cells as well as improving the blood circulation. Skin becomes smooth, firm, supple, and looks much younger.
Relaxing bath helps against fatigue and activates metabolism.
- SPA body peeling helps removing dead skin cells, softly cleanses the skin, and regenerates its structure.
- Slimming serum stimulates skin functions, improves blood circulation, and accelerates disappearance of fat.
- Chocolate wrapping stimulates skin functions, improves metabolism, as well as gives the feeling of energy and comfort.
- Massage with scented butter moisturizes, nourishes, and regenerates skin, tones tissues and protects them from ageing.
- Salt-saturated air treats various allergies, skin diseases, stimulates thyroid activity, which has effect on body weight and skin.

Duration – 3 hours

Price – 80.00

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E-mail spa@trasalis.lt


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