"Energy without limits"

Program sequence

- Infrared sauna (30 min.).
- Relaxing bath (30 min.).
- Energizing facial treatment (60 min.).
- Full body peeling with SPA products (20 min.).
- Relaxing body massage (60 min.).
- SPA salt room (30 min.).
- Tea.

Program benefits

- Infrared rays heat body tissues, muscles, bones, joints, enhance circulation of blood and other body fluids. They help opening the skin pores, thereby accelerating the removal of toxins. Your body cleanses, gathers energy – it makes you feel better.
- Bath with Ylang Ylang and Majoram essences relaxes muscles, has a soothing, anti-fatigue, anti-stress effect, and helps against insomnia.
Energizing facial treatment refreshes, detoxifies, firms, and has anti-ageing soothing effect. This treatment will ensure a safer and closer shave; your skin will recuperate after a party.
- SPA body peeling helps removing dead skin cells, improves blood circulation, and removes toxins from your body. It is a rejuvenating treatment.
- Massage relaxes and helps recovering physical and spiritual balance.
- Salt room is an excellent escape from long hours of work at the computer.

Duration – 3 hours

Price – 75.00

SPA and wellness centre (information and procedures reservation):
Mob. +370 699 52085
E-mail spa@trasalis.lt


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