"Dessert your beauty"
Just a few women do not need sweets. Others simply cannot live one day without them. However, in order to retain present weight, we must say no to dinner, avoid fat, and not even glance at sweets... How long will we make it? We offer a wonderful alternative – a dessert for your beauty.
"Energy without limits"
The lack of energy depresses from the early morning, you get irritated from what you see in the mirror, exhausted body yearns for relaxation? Time for quest is now. Gather energy and strength for new works and ideas!
Detoxification program
Detoxification program
This program helps removing toxins, stimulating blood circulation, and improving defensive functions of the body.

Stress minimizing program
Stress minimizing program
Every person is continually affected by the environment, therefore, stress is imminent. Stress is associated with both the mental state and biological (heat, lack of air at work) or social (making career) factors. Stress is not only bad mood, but also direct threat for your health. We, therefore, offer you to soothe your nervous system, get rid off fatigue, and improve your sleep.
Relaxing SPA programs
Relaxing SPA programs
Up-to-date means of communication enable working twenty four hours a day, therefore, continuous tension, stress, fatigue drains the body and comes through headache and insomnia. We grant all our attention to work and forget to have breaks, which are so important for your body. We forget to do sports, socialize with our family, etc. What shall we do? We offer you to stop the usual pulse of life for at least a moment and catch a breath, regain balance.
"Life is beautiful"

"Sweet fantasy"
Body contouring procedure with seaweeds
Body contouring procedure with seaweeds
Anticellulite procedure with cello gel
Anticellulite procedure with cello gel

"Vandenyno stebuklas"

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