General rules and regulations of water entertainment centre


General rules and regulations of Water Entertainment Centre





General rules and regulations:

1. The ALSAKIS UAB Water Entertainment Centre (hereinafter referred to as ‘WEC’), address: Gedimino St. 26, Trakai, that includes bathhouses, swimming pools, Jacuzzis, water slide area, and other water attractions.

2. Each visitor shall be obliged to observe the WEC’s general rules and regulations. All Water Entertainment Centre visitors shall be the subjects to the public order rules. By observing these rules and regulations visitors will help to ensure their own safety and safety of others.

3. Visitor – any person in the Water Entertainment Centre, who purchased ticket at the WEC reception desk, received permisson or entered WEC by other means established by WEC.

4. These rules and regulations establish the Water Entertainment Centre visitor servicing (service rendering) procedures and safety, hygiene and other requirements, mandatory for the WEC visitors. The Water Entertainment Centre rules and regulations have been created to ensure pleasant rest and good mood of each WEC visitor as well as avoid unpleasant misunderstandings, injuries or other losses.

5. These rules and regulations shall apply to all visitors. Each visitor must follow the requirements set out in the rules. The visitor shall be responsible for the consequences arising from his or her ignorance of these rules.

6. By entering the Water Entertainment Centre, each visitor automatically confirms that he or she is familiar with the Water Entertainment Centre’s internal rules and regulations and undertakes to unconditionally observe them.

7. Personals of all age categories have the right to use the Water Entertainment Centre services (with the exceptions specified by these rules).

8. Children under 14 years of age and persons with disabilities shall only be allowed to visit the Water Entertainment Centre accompanied by adult carers.

9. The hotel guests have the priority of entering the Water Entertainment Centre.

10. The Water Entertainment Centre ticket prices are set by the ALSAKIS UAB Administration. Information about ticket prices is provided at the Water Entertainment Centre cash desks and website. The Administration reserves the right to change prices.  

11. Visitors can purchase tickets at the Water Entertainment Centre cash desks.

12. Tickets are not being sold one hour prior to the WEC closing.

13. Selling tickets may be temporarily ceased:

13.1. due to technical difficulties;

13.2. if all individual lockers are taken;

13.3. in other cases.

14. Due to technical reasons, or at the time of certain events, the Water Entertainment Centre may temporarily prohibit its visitors from using certain services such as Jacuzzis, water slides, wave poolss, bathhouses, etc. In such cases the ticket price shall not be recalculated and the money paid shall not be refunded.

Should the visitor buy a ticket and decide not to use the Water Entertainment Centre services, the money for such ticket shall not be refunded.

16. The Water Entertainment Centre administrator shall be entitled to ask visitors, who wish to purchase a discount ticket, to provide their age confirming personal documents or other visitor status confirming documents (certificate of disability, student’s ID card, etc.).

17. Visitors under 3 years of age are allowed to visit the Water Entertainment Centre free of charge and given no wristbands.

18. Taking into consideration the visitor’s age and other criteria set out in these rules and regulations, the Water Entertainment Centre administrators will provide each person, who has permission and has acquired a ticket, with an individual on-chip wristband (except for persons under 3 years of age, who are not given wristbands).

19. Visitors at the age of 3 to 6 years are given yellow on-chip wristbands and a LTL 30 credit. Seniors, students and schoolchildren are given black on-chip wristbands and a LTL 100 credit. Within the given credit limits, visitors are allowed pay for the services proveded inside the Water Entertainment Centre, with the exception of purchase of alcoholic beverages (for schoolchildren under 18 years of age).

20. To adults over 18 years of age blue on-chip wristbands shall be given along with the credit of LTL 100.

21. After the credit comes to its end (i.e. the credit has been used up by the visitor), each Water Entertainment Centre visitor can pay their bill in cash or using a credit card. Also, he or she may be given a new credit at the cash desk at the Water Entertainment Centre exit.

22. After receiver on-ship wristbands the WEC visitors will have to pass through the entrance gates (one visitor per 15 seconds) placing the wristband to the reader at the access gates (tourniquet).

23. If the wristband is not placed to the reader, the gate will not allow the visitor to enter WEC, and thus the wristband that grants visitors access to the WEC services and the right to pay for WEC services rendered and/or visitor acquired goods will not be activated.

24. No visitors without on-chip wristbands shall be allowed to enter WEC.

25. The visitor’s on-chip wristband allows him or her to obtain information at the information terminals, e.g. information about the time spent at WEC, as well as to find out his or her credit balance.

26. The time spent at WEC starts from the moment when the visitor passes through the entrance gates, or automatically, i.e. 10 minutes after the on-chip wristband issuing at the cash desk. The on-chip wristband validity shall be simultaneous with the duration of WEC visit specified in the purchased ticket.
27. Leaving WEC, the visitor must check out at the WEC exit cash desk. Then the exact time spent by the visitor at WEC shall be determined and the visitor shall pay the amount he or she owes for the WEC services rendered and/or goods purchased.

28. An additional amount shall be automatically charged for extra time spent at WEC (i.e. time not paid for when acquiring an on-chip wristband) or lateness (i.e. recorded time following the end of the WEC working time), based on the prices fixed by the WEC price list. The visitor will be obliged to pay this amount at the exit cash desk.

29. If has been revealed that a holder of a lost on-chip wristband used extra services, he or she will be obliged to pay for extra services rendered as well as compensate for the lost wristband as he or she leaves.

30. The visitor can not leave the WEC territory without undergoing the established sign-off procedures.
31. If the visitor wishes to re-enter the WEC area, he or she must buy a new ticket.
32. Paragaph 31 of these rules and regulations does not apply if the visitor is forced to leave WEC through a special exit (e.g. in the case of evacuation). In this case, on-chip wristband is to be handed over to the accompanying staff member.

33. Should the visitor leave WEC earlier t. y. before his or her time expires, no money will be returned.
34. The visitors can use on-chip wristbands when paying in the bar or Hammam. After using up the whole or part of his or her credit, the visitor shall pay the entire amount spent at the exit cash desk.
35. Should the visitor fail to pay for the extra time spent at WEC and/or services provided, the money shall be recovered in accordance with the procedue established by the Republic of Lithuania legislation.

36. Should there be any uncertainties about the on-chip wristband using order, the visitor should approach the WEC administrator.

37. For safety reasons, WEC has a video recording system.

38. After passing the entrance gate, visitors must leave outerwear, shoes and boots in lockers in the changing room.

39. In case of problems related to the locker locks, the visitor should approach the staff.

40. Visitors must have bathing suits and towels.

41. The WEC visitors must have and wear slippers (with high non-slip rubber soles, suitable for wearing in humid environments). Visitors who do not have slippers shall be offered to buy them at the Beauty Salon store.

42. WEP rents out towels and bathrobes. Information about this shall be entered into the visitor’s on-chip wristband.  After using the rented towels and/or bathrobes visitors shall be obliged to return them them to the WEC reception desk.

43. After entering WEC, visitors will have to leave their personal belongings at the changing room’s private lockers. These lockers are to be locked by visitors themselves, so WEC Administration recommends to do so very carefully.


45. In the case of loss of personal belongings, the visitor is recommended to immediately approach the WEC Administration worker.

46. Should the visitor loose anon-chip wristband, he or she must immediately approach the staff for the wristband to be blocked.

47. The visitor undertakes to keep the keys to the lockers, on-chip wristband, towels and/or bathrobes rented at the WEC reception desk, safe and return them leaving the WEC.

48. One-time fee (compensation for damage) for the (returned to the reception desk):

48.1. loss or damage to a towel – LTL 50 (returned to the reception desk);

48.2. loss or damage to a bathrobe – LTL 100 (returned to the reception desk);

48.3. loss of key or locker breakage – LTL 50;

48.4. strongbox key loss or breakage – LTL 25 (returned to the reception desk);

48.5. loss or breakage of changing room token – LTL 25 (returned to the reception desk);

48.6. on-chip wristband loss or breakage – LTL 300 (for adults) and LTL 30 (for children),

returned to the reception desk;

48.7. loss of on-chip wristband (with the purchase checque preserved and provided) – LTL 30 (returned to the reception desk).

49. Items abandoned by visitors, found by the WEC staff and passed over to the Administration, shall be stored at WEC in the course of three (3) months.

50. Changing clothes shall only be allowed in the cabins designed for that purpose.

51. In accordance with the hygiene requirements, all visitors entering the WEC water areas shall be required to thoroughly shower with soap and enter the foot disinfectant pool.

52. Visitors must leave the WEC water zones at least 15 minutes before the end of the WEC working time.

53. Visitors must immediately leave the WEC water areas if asked by the lifeguard & swimming pool supervisor.

54. The WEC Administration is entitled:

54.1. To prevent persons, whose behavior may interfere with the WEC procedures, endanger the safety of other visitors and WEC hygienic condition and/or contravene with the socially acceptable code of conduct, from entering WEC.

54.2. To prevent persons, who do not agree to observe these rules and regulations, and refuse to confirm their familiarization with these rules and regulations by signing the log, from entering WEC.

54.3. To change the list of WEC services and/or prices without prior notice.

54.4. To remove from visitors violating the WEC rules and regulations despite warnings. In this case, no money shall be refunded.


55. The WEC Administration recommends visitors planning to spend time at the Water Entertainment Centre to make sure that their health and physical condition allows them to use WEC services and enjoy their time to the full.

56. Given the variety of entertainment at WEC, as well as physical or mental condition of individual visitors, a number of activities may not be recommended for certain visitors.

57. Visitors are strongly advised not to bring to WEC expensive and valuable items (such as jewelry, chains, bracelets, watches, mobile phones, and so on), which may be lost or damaged by moisture. It is recommended to turn off mobile phones left in lockers.

58. Visitors are strongly discouraged to use the WEC services wearing any types of ornaments and other jewelry.


It is strictly prohibited at the Water Entertainment Centre:

59. Yelling, whistling, confusing lifeguards & swimming pool supervisors by crying for help without cause, running (this may result in the visitor slipping and hurting him- or herself), and pushing.

60. Using WEC services wearing inappropriate clothing, i.e. clothing other that bathing suits (e.g. underwear).

61. Spitting on the floor and into the water, relieving oneself outside toilet.

62. Getting onto slides (in th wrong places), handrails or ornamentations, or otherwise damaging the WEC inventory.

63. Sliding down the handrails, climbing onto the ball that controls the waves, jumping and diving into swimming pools.

64. To children under 14 years of age, being left without supervision of adults. THE WEC STAFF SHALL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR CHILDREN LEFT WITHOUT SUPERVISION OF ADULTS.

65. To minors under 18 years of age, consuming alcoholic beverages.

66. Bringing to WEC food or drinks as well as glass and sharp objects. Also, pouring drinks into the swimming pools and Jacuzzis is prohibited.

67. Smoking in the Water Entertainment Centre area.

68. Filming and making photos.

69. Wearing outdoor footwear, except before entering the changing rooms.

70. Wearing footwear in the water.

71. To jostle, behave roughly and interfere with other visitors’ use of WEC services.

72. Visiting WEC is strictly forbidden to:

72.1. Persons suffering from infections, viral and other infectious diseases, as well as persons with open wounds and/or other health situations, which may endanger health and/or life of the person him- or herself and other WEC visitors.

72.2. Individuals intoxicated with alcohol or drugs and psychotropic substances. The WEC staff (i.e. lifeguards & swimming pool supervisors) shall have the right to bring such visitors out without compensating the entrance fee paid.

72.3. WEC is not recommended to persons with poor health, the ones suffering from frequent headaches, heart and chest pains, and so on.

72.4. Individuals with pets.

72.5. Individuals without on-chip wristbands.

72.6. Individuals, whose behavior threatens the Water Entertainment Centre, its safety and hygiene conditions, or contravenes with the socially acceptable code of conduct. 

It is prohibited in the swimming areas:

73. To children under 7 years of age, using children’s swimming pools and Jacuzzis without ‘flippers’ (life buoys worn around arms) and lifejackets. Those can be acquired at the Beauty Salon store. To adults and adolescents of 14 years of age and above, using children’s swimming pools.

74. Jumping into swimming pools from their edges, running around swimming pools, swimming in places where swimming is prohibited.

75. Diving into the pool.

76. Entering pools and Jacuzzis or leaving them in the wrong places.

77. Being in nonoperating Jacuzzis and pools.

78. Using the wave pool is recommended only to those who can swim well.

79. To children under 4 years of age, using swimming pools without diapers, specially designed to be used in water.

80. Depating from instructions and regulations defining methods and procedures of use of tracks and other attractions. In case of uncertainty, it is recommended to approach lifeguards & swimming pool supervisors.

It is prohibited in the slide areas:

81. Using slides, to visitors, who do not meet the requirements of the slide rules and regulations:

82.1. Sliding headfirst.

82.2. Sliding standing on one’s feet.

82.3. Sliding in positions other than specified by the information, rules and lifeguard & swimming pool supervisor at the start of the slide.

82.4. Below 120 cm of height.

82.5. Sliding down the red and yellow slides if their weight is more than 100 kg.

82.6. To visitors under 10 years of age, sliding down the red slide.

82.7. Children at the age of 7 years and older are allowed to slide the yellow and blue slides only.

82.8. Using aids when sliding.

82.9. Sliding when sitting on (any) items.

83. Getting into the slide slot if the WEC staff (lifeguards & swinning supervisors) prohibits to do so.

84. Creating situations that could harm other WEC visitors.

85. Jumping into the slide with a long run in order to increase the sliding speed.

86. Sliding in groups.

87. Using slides under the influence of alcohol, drugs and/or psychotropic substances.

88. Using slides if the staff (lifeguards & swinning supervisors) and warning signs prohibit to do so.

89. Using nonoperating slides.

Using slides, which do not operate due to technical problems. In such cases the price shall not be recalculated and the money shall not be refunded.

91. To use the slides if the visitor is wearing wide long bathing pants, bathing suits or shorts susceptible to abrasion, bathing clothing with metal zippers, buckles, pins, and studs, chains, rings and other metal ornaments.

92. Wearing wrist watches, earrings, chains and other jewelry that could cause injury to the WEC visitors and/or inventory.

93. Pregnant women are prohibited from using the water slides.

94. After going down the water slide, the visitor will have to leave the landing pool as quickly as possible.

95. The visitor agrees to use any and all slides as required by the appropriate rules for use of slides.

96. The WEC visitors undertake to follow specific rules and links provided at the start of each slide.

Bathhouse area:

97. When visiting the sauna or Russian bath, the visitor must have a large towel he or she will spread on a wooden bench under his or her whole body.

98. In bathhouses, visitors shall be required not to make noise. 

99. Prior to entering swimming pools, Jacuzzi, saunas and bathouses, and after using them, as well as after using the toilet visitors must take a shower.

100. Slippers should be left at the entrance to the sauna or Russian bath.

101. In the rest areas, visitors have to spread towels on the seats and chaise longues.

102. It is recommended not to wear jewelry in the bathhouse areas.

103. It is prohibited in the bathhouses:

103.1. Bringing and using one’s own infusions, extracts, and brooms.

103.2. Pouring water on the stones.

103.3. Using cosmetics.

103.4. Regulating bathhouse indoor appliances.

Final provisions:

Upon arriving to the Water Entertainment Centre by motorized and mechanical vehicles, those should be parked in the specially designed areas.

105. Should the visitor inflict harm upon the Water Entertainment Centre or its assets as well as upon visitors’ property and/or health, such visitor shall be liable in accordance with the procedure established by the Republic of Lithuania legislation. The damage caused by underage persons shall be the responsibility of their parents or guardians.

106. Visitors, who fail to comply with these rules, do not pay attention to the requirements provided on boards and warning signs in the Water Entertainment Centre’s areas, and do not obey the legal staff instructions, might be forced to leave the Water Entertainment Centre after a repeated warning. In such cases, the money for the time remaining shall not be refunded.

107. The WEC Administration will not consider the visitor’s claims and will not be held liable for the visitor’s pecuniary and/or non-pecuniary damage, if such visitor failed to comply with the requirements and/or recommendations set out in these rules and regulations.

108. Warning signs have been put in certain places that require attentiveness.

109. A visitor who has suffered damage to his or her health and/or property, MUST IMMEDIATELY APPROACH THE WATER ENTERTAINMENT CENTRE’S STAFF MEMBER AT LOCATION and inform him or her of the time, place and circumstances of the event as well as of its witnesses. Should the visitor fail to comply with the requirements this paragraph, his or her claim for damage to health and/or property shall not be considered.

110. The WEC Administration shall not be held liable for visitors’ personal items or their loss and/or waste.

111. The Water Entertainment Centre visitors, who have suffered injuries or encountered other health problems, may be given first aid.

112. The Water Entertainment Centre shall not be held liable for any damage to visitors’ health or property as well as damage or the third parties. No claims shall be accepted or considered if the mentioned effects were caused by the visitor’s own negligence, breach of these rules and regulations, or failure to comply with the information provided in the warning signs and notices, and lawful orders of the Water Entertainment Centre staff members.

The Administration reserves the right to announce and conduct special campaigns and change prices.




Thank you for observing rules and regulations of the Water Amusement Centre.